Lecturers 2022


Desta Marie Beeder is a journalist and presenter. She has a bachelor's degree in media science from the University of Bergen, and for the past eleven years has worked both in front of and behind the camera. In addition to television production, she has also worked with business development and marketing in the software company Vimond, primarily aimed at the American market.



Daniel Johansen was born in 1982 in Ørland, and has lived in Trondheim since 1995. He has a PhD in art history from NTNU, and is currently associate professor in architectural history and building conservation at NTNU. He has worked on everything from moving and reusing historic wooden buildings, to natural and cultural landscape restoration and research. Daniel has been a regular columnist in Adresseavisen since 2009, often on urban development (photo: David Engmo, Adresseavisen).


Jan-Frode Janson (born 17 July 1969 in Trondheim) is CEO of SpareBank 1 SMN, and has been since 1 May 2019. He was previously CEO of SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge and deputy managing director of Fokus Bank/Danske Bank . Jan-Frode Janson has also held managerial jobs at Orkla and ABB.
Janson studied economics at Sør-Trøndelag University of Applied Sciences, and studied economics in 1992 at Bodø University of Applied Sciences. In 1996, he completed a doctorate in industrial economics and technology management at NTNU.


Prof. Dr. Johan Rockström is the Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and Professor at the Institute of Earth and Environmental Science at Potsdam University.
Rockström is an internationally recognized scientist on global sustainability issues, who led the development of the new Planetary Boundaries framework for human development in the current era of rapid global change at the Stockholm Resilience Centre. He is a leading scientist on global water resources, with about 25 years of experience from applied water research in tropical regions, and more than 150 research publications in fields ranging from applied land and water management to global sustainability.
In addition to his research endeavours, which have been widely used to guide policy, Rockström provides strategic scientific guidance as a member of the European Commission's Expert Group 'Mission Board for Adaptation to Climate Change, including Societal Transformation' and the 'Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences' and consults several governments and business networks. He acts as an advisor for sustainable development issues at noteworthy international meetings, such as the World Economic Forum, the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conferences (UNFCCC). Furthermore, he chairs or co-chairs the advisory board for the EAT Foundation, the Earth Commission, and the Earth League, is Chief Scientist of Conservation International, member of the European Investment Bank Advisory Group, and elected member of the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina.


Lene Hodge works in Nysnø, which is the Norwegian climate fund for growth companies in Norway. Here, she has built up Nysnø's method for assessing sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) in investment processes. Lene has a master's degree in renewable energy from NMBU, and broad experience from both the environmental foundation Bellona and public authorities. Lene is a professional resource person for Nysnø's portfolio of companies and funds, and is also a board member of the company Tise.


Vemund Vikjord is an adviser at Norad, the Directorate for Development Cooperation. There he works to promote renewable energy in African countries, and manages a portfolio of investments of around NOK 1 billion. In particular, he works with instruments to trigger private investments. Vemund is a social economist by education. In Norfund, he wrote the organisation's climate strategy, and in Norad he is responsible for calculations of emission reductions.


Sandra Åberg Kristiansen is an electrician and got her first position of trust as an apprentice in Vintervoll AS. When she was elected as club leader in the same company, the Electrical Workers union in Trøndelag got its first female club leader after 117 years. In 2019, she was elected as youth leader in EL and IT Forbundet. Sandra has been a clear voice for both equality in working life, vocational training and the status of skilled workers. In 2022, she received LO's equality award. (Photo: Sandra Skillingsås)


Anne Havn is a diplomat, stationed in NY as part of the UN Security Council team. In recent years, she has worked with the Afghan peace negotiations between the Taliban and the Afghan government. Havn has a background as a lawyer, specializing in negotiations and mediation. She has experience and commitment to inclusion in negotiation processes and governance.


Steinar Bjartveit is a well-known lecturer in organizational psychology and management. He is responsible for several Executive Master of Management programs at BI Norwegian Business School. Through the consulting firm KEIRON, he has extensive experience in various businesses, both nationally and internationally. He has published books such as Chaos and Cosmos, Power and Dignity, Odysseus and Achilles .


Einar Duenger Bøhn (b.1977) is professor of philosophy at the University of Agder. Specialization in metaphysics, philosophy of religion, philosophy of technology and art, as well as ethics broadly understood. He has published a number of professional articles, books and podcast series, and appears regularly on the radio. Of interest to SIKT 2022 it can be mentioned that he has written the book Meningen med lifet (Spartacus, 2019), and published the podcast series Kristopher og Einar leser Nietzsche (2021; together with Kristopher Schau) and Lars og Einar leser Kierkegaard (2022; together with Lasse Berrum).


Øyvind Kyvik, Aker works on a daily basis as project manager for Aker Solutions' global climate plan. He also spends a lot of time on politics and is Stord Høgre's mayoral candidate for the local elections in 2023. He lives in Norway's industrial capital Stord, in beautiful Sunnhordland.


Tore Frimanslund is founder and chairman of SGN SKIS. PhD in entrepreneurial finance and entrepreneurial ecosystems, and works at HVL Campus Sogndal.


May Britt Moser is a Professor of Neuroscience and Scientific Director of the Center for Neural Computation Scientific Co-Director of the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. She is interested in the neural basis of spatial location and spatial memory as well as cognitive functions more generally. Her work, conducted with Edvard Moser as a long-term collaborator, includes the discovery of grid cells in the entorhinal cortex, as well as the identification of other functional cell types, including head direction cells, border cells, speed cells and object-vector cells, as well as recent mechanisms for representation of episodic time – findings that collectively point to the entorhinal cortex as a hub for the brain network for representation of space and experience. She has shown that this network has adult-like properties from a very early age in rodents, pointing to a possible innate basis for spatial coding by the brain. With her collaborators, she is beginning to unravel how the neural microcircuit is organized at the level of interactions between large numbers of diverse neurons with known functional identity.
The discovery of grid cells and the underlying population dynamics have led to a revision of established views of how the brain calculates self-position, and how such information is stored in memory, and spatial mapping and is becoming one of the first non-sensory cognitive functions to be characterized at a mechanistic level in neural networks.
May-Britt Moser has been a professor at NTNU since 2000. She has received numerous awards for her work. Together with Edvard Moser and John O'Keefe, she was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2014.


Remi Eriksen is the Group President and CEO of DNV Group since 2015. He has extensive management and technical experience from his more than 25 years in DNV within the maritime, oil and gas and renewable energy sectors in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Remi is a member of the Executive Committee of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and Chairman of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Remi is acknowledged for his leadership skills in capturing growth opportunities in a complex and ever-changing global business environment. He has a keen interest in building resilient and sustainable business, transformative technologies and to the accelerated application of data-driven and digital solutions. He is a technology optimist and strongly believes business has to make a bigger impact on the journey towards a sustainable future.

Remi holds a Master's in electronics and computer science from the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTNU) and has conducted his executive education at Rice University, IMD and INSEAD.


Abubakar Khalid, Wilstar is program manager at Wilstar, a non-profit organization that supports social entrepreneurs in their work to create positive social and environmental lasting change, and a subsidiary of Aweco AS, the family office of the Arne and Lise Wilhelmsen family. His work there has focused on funding social entrepreneurs and helping them create sustainable change. Abubakar has and had an important role in the work with impact measurement and strategy for Wilstar's portfolio and the ecosystem for social entrepreneurs. (Photo: Oda Hveem)


Helene Bogen works in Wiersholm, mainly with compliance, sustainability, environmental law and human rights. Helene assists private and public enterprises, as well as non-profit organisations, in all her fields of expertise and lectures in these. Helene has also led several international and national investigations. She is one of the main authors of Norway's first introductory book on compliance, contributes to the organization of Norway's largest one-day compliance event, and is one of the founders of "Young in Compliance" as well as an initiator of the legal industry's Green Forum.


I am Ali Abdullah , born in Baghdad in 1995. Growing up I lived in Baghdad and Damascus and came to Oslo in 2008. My youth was characterized by instability and war. I have had many different jobs over the years, and already at the age of 10 I had to work picking potatoes to earn money for the family. Challenge has been a central concept in my life since the beginning.


Sophie Wiik works to ensure that making climate-smart choices is a natural part of everyone's everyday life. She is passionate about reuse and reduced consumption, and is keen to show how sustainability and economy go hand in hand with the help of circular business models. Sophie is Co-Founder of Too Good To Go and FJONG, and an investor in, among others, Matfra, Equality Check, Sulten, Grayn and Unconventional Ventures.


Lise Klaveness is a lawyer, deputy referee and former Norwegian national football team player. She recently became the Norwegian Football Association's first female president and has used her position to take the lead among world sports leaders, raise awareness of the human rights violations ahead of the World Cup in Qatar and emphasize the need for transparency and ethics in FIFA (photo: Vegard Grøtt/BILDBYRÅN).


Lone Frank is a science journalist, author and lecturer and trained as a Ph.D. in neurobiology. She is permanently associated with Weekendavisen and has also been on the weekly scientific podcast 24 Questions to the professor . Her journalism has also been published in Science, Nature and Newsweek, and she has written and co-produced several documentary films. Lone Frank has published six non-fiction books, which have been translated into several languages, and she has received a number of Danish and international awards for her work.